November improvements & bug fixes

Hey there 👋

In addition to the new staging environment, backups, and persistent variables, we released a bunch of smaller improvements as well:

  • a Mapbox plugin
  • copy/paste workflows
  • new workflow triggers & actions
  • slugs now autofill with page name
  • new, fully customizable select element
  • button to reload a collection without refreshing the page
  • the ability to manage organizations with the Auth0 plugin
  • more options when you use the "Advanced" mode of the Charts extension

Let's dive in.

New refresh button 🔃

Remember how painful it was to switch to preview mode in the editor when working with lots of data?

This was because the editor would re-fetch all your collections when switching to preview.

Good news is, it doesn't anymore.

If you still want to refresh the data, hit the "refresh" button next to edit/preview:

Workflow improvements ⚡️

It's done! You can now copy paste complete workflows:

🔥 Pro tip 🔥

If you catch yourself copy pasting a workflow multiple times, consider creating a global workflow instead. It's a web development best practice that will help you maintain and scale your projects in the long term.

We also added new workflow triggers:

  • on page unload
  • on page load (before collections)
  • on app load
  • on init value change

And set the appropriate default trigger to relevant elements so you don't have to waste time doing it. For example, the search element now has an "on change" workflow trigger by default.

Finally, we added a workflow action to get the user's location. When you use this action, the user will be invited to allow or block the request:

If they have allowed it, you will get their geographic coordinates which you can access in the result from the previous action in your workflow.

In the example below, we send the latitude and longitude info to a REST API:

New custom select 🧩

In the new select element, you can now choose the "Free layout" type to customize how the options are displayed.

In the example below, we added an image and tags in addition to the names in the options dropdown:

Advanced charts 📊

For users who need to design charts with advanced options, we've added the "options" field in the "Advanced" mode of the charts elements.

This gives you access to all the options in the Charts.js library:

Bug fixes 🪲

Finally, the team spent some time fixing bugs.

  • Fixed an issue where the default font family in inputs was not working on the published website
  • Fixed an issue where private accesses and user groups were not duplicated on project duplication
  • Fixed issues affecting links: final "/", queries and hash order
  • Fixed an issue where sections were still shown as "linked" even when not true
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to push a decimal number in an existing variable array
  • Fixed an issue where the "change page" action would change page even if the user was already on the target page
  • Fixed an issue where query variables were reset when entering preview mode

Alright, that's it for now!

We hope you love these updates. Don't hesitate to ask for more on the public roadmap

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