WeWeb for Agencies

Build faster with a no-code platform that scales like code

If you want to expand your own freelance or agency business, enhance the quality of your projects, or simply make more money, we are here to guide you on your journey to becoming a trusted WeWeb Expert

Why choose WeWeb?

Create advanced business logic in your applications thanks to no-code workflows, actions, and formulas.

Build faster thanks to no-code
Use a visual editor to create beautiful interfaces and build advanced functions without coding
Enterprise-grade output
Apps generated by WeWeb are standard vue.js application deployed on a scalable AWS infrastructure
Fast learning curve
Learn fast thanks to the WeWeb academy and a lively community of WeWebers
Bring your own stack
Connect to any REST API, GraphQL API or SQL DB. Export your code and deploy it on your own infrastructure

Become a partner, and earn 20% on every new user you refer (instead of 10% for non-partners)

Illustration depicting the WeWeb referral dashboard.

Why become a partner?

Earn more money

Get 20% commission on your clients' WeWeb subscription as long as they have their paying subscription.
Get leads from WeWeb

Delight your customers

Combine WeWeb’s easy-to-use platform with partner priority support to reduce project build times and delight clients, no matter how difficult their requests are.
Get access to a self-paced learning program, the WeWeb Academy

Join a community of enthusiastic builders

Get access to free live training and Office Hours from the WeWeb team.

Get on a plan tailored for agencies

Unlimited projects in editor mode
Publish projects on a weweb.io domain and share with customers (limited to 100 app visits)
Transfer projects to your clients' workspace
Get access to your clients' workspaces at no additional costs for them

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Ready to become a partner?

Book a call with the WeWeb Agency Program Team and get onboarded.