Staging environment and backups

Staging environment

You can now publish your apps to a "staging environment". No more copy/pasting your project to test it 👌

When publishing, you can now select between:

  • staging: to test your published app
  • production: to make the changes available to the app's end-users

When you're finished testing, you can also "promote" your staging app to production to make it live for users.

To do so, simply hit the publish button like you were used to doing, and select the right environment:

Backup and roll-back 🛟

Every time you publish changes on the production environment, we create a backup.

In your project you can now see previous versions of your project and roll back to a previous version:

🚨 Warning 🚨

The backup is created when you push or promote a project to production. We do not create a backup when you publish the project to the staging environment without promoting it to the production environment.

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