Why build with WeWeb vs Stacker?

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Two different mindsets

First, we'd like to thank Stacker for what they are doing in the no code space. It's a wonderful tool that enables an incredible community of makers to build web apps in minutes. That said, if you're here searching for Stacker alternatives, we bet it's because you hit a ceiling with this tool.

Stacker - great templates to get started fast

Stacker is designed for users who want to build proof of concepts web applications with a simple design. The trade-off is it's hard to create a custom user interface, and you can only build on top of backends with record and API limits like Airtable or Google Sheets.

WeWeb - a fully customizable frontend that scales

WeWeb, on the other hand, was created so that people could scale their ideas from minimum viable product to enterprise web applications. That’s why we exist. Long story short: if you're a maker, an agency, or a company, and you want to create state-of-the-art frontends for your web applications, we think it makes sense to use us.

Design custom interfaces


When reading Stacker reviews, a common theme emerges: it's really hard to design custom user interfaces.


WeWeb, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to visually design your frontend exactly the way you want. Design systems are the building blocks of our editor. You can design parts of your web application, like buttons, forms, navigation bar, save them, and re-use them as your UI kit.

You can even code your own react or vue.js component, upload them in WeWeb's design system from GitHub and drag & drop these components on your pages, visually. And if you're used to CSS classes, use them! You can add animations on hove or clicks or when the user performs a specific set of actions in your application.

Connect best-in-class backends


With Stacker, you can build your frontend on top of Airtable, GoogleSheets, or Salesforce. This is great to get started but, as your project grows with more users and added complexity, limits on records and API calls may cause issues.  


With WeWeb, you can build your frontend on top of backends that scale. For example, XANO, REST APIs and SQL databases.

Why not use Airtable or Google Sheets? Well, we've done extensive user research, and although there are pros and cons for each solution, we’ve found there are two reasons why experienced makers prefer to build their frontend on top of a comprehensive backend environment:

  • Many people use no code tools to build an MVP and get stuck when they need to scale. They regret using a database with in-built record limits.
  • Most people already have a place where they store data. They don't want to copy that data into a separate SaaS tool with potential security concerns.

Building a state-of-the-art frontend on top of a decoupled best-in-class backend is the modern way to build web applications because it is more scalable and reversible. Bring your own backend, and use it in WeWeb.

Scale faster


As an alternative to Slacker, many people resort to custom coding their web app when they have to scale its performances.  


With WeWeb, that’s a thing of the past. First, WeWeb provides you with complete design freedom in your frontend. You can still move fast with ready-made elements like you would in Stacker but you can also customize your design when you need to.

Second, WeWeb uses the latest web technologies to build a real web application in the user's browser. This ensures you lightning fast loading times and performances. By building on top of a best-in-class backend, you can scale without limits. Don't think about no code for small projects vs custom code for big ones. Design a best-in-class frontend that loads fast for your users, no matter how big or complex your database.

Don't worry, you'll feel like home in WeWeb.

Stacker is a useful tool with limited customization and scalability options. WeWeb is taking the best of all no-code tools to help you feel like home, regardless of your background. You can even use your Airtable base as it is inside WeWeb. No need to change anything to do the switch. Just know you'll be able to scale when you're ready.

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