Build a No-Code Supabase Front-End With WeWeb

In less than 5 minutes, you'll be able to fetch, create, update, and delete data from your Supabase backend without writing code. WeWeb's integration with Supabase also natively supports realtime, Edge functions, and multiple data sources.

Supabase as a No-code Backend

Supabase is an incredibly powerful no-code platform that allows you to:

  • build a relational database,
  • implement real-time features,
  • protect user data with RLS policies,
  • setup best-in-class user authentication, and
  • create complex backend logic.

You can do all of this with just a few lines of AI-generated SQL, while still building in a way that is flexible, secure, and scalable.

All of the above means Supabase is a great option for a wide range of programmers, from no-code makers to traditional developers in enterprise organizations.

Advantages of WeWeb for Your Supabase Front-End

Discover why opting for WeWeb is an excellent decision for crafting your Supabase front-end solution.

Top-tier No-Code Platform for Enterprises

Enjoy enterprise-grade features such as standard authentication, exportable code, scalability, and extensive customization options.

When you publish a WeWeb app, the code generated is an industry standard Vue.js Single-Page Application that you can export and self-host.

Empowerment with Advanced Business Logic

Leverage the capability to seamlessly integrate custom code, incorporate intricate business logic, effortlessly connect with diverse platforms, and streamline debugging processes.

With WeWeb, you can visually build complex no-code workflows with loops and branches that seamlessly interact with the rest of your current tech stack.

Effortless Visual Programming Flexibility

Efficiently create visually captivating designs using intuitive visual programming tools, including templates, prebuilt elements, and a user-friendly interface tailored for developing responsive web applications.

In WeWeb, you can visually build pixel-perfect, responsive user interfaces without writing code. Templates and components allow you to build faster while custom code import features guarantee full freedom and flexibility.

Integrating Supabase with WeWeb

Connecting a Supabase backend to a WeWeb project is very straightforward:

  1. Copy/paste a couple of API keys to add the Supabase data source and authentication plugins
  2. Create Supabase collections in WeWeb to select, insert, update, and delete Supabase records via no-code workflows
  3. Configure the authentication flows of your choice, including but not limited to email + password, magic link, social logins
  4. Leverage Supabase storage, Postgres and Edge functions with WeWeb no-code actions

WeWeb Success Stories

The Supabase + WeWeb combo seems to suit a wide-range of users and use cases.

We've seen enterprise organizations building products for their customers like PwC, as well as entrepreneurs building SaaS products with real-time chat and marketplaces like Erik and BD.

Try WeWeb as your Supabase Front-End Today, for Free!

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