Bootstrapped Entrepreneur Successfully Launches Analytics SaaS MVP Using WeWeb

How Tanguy leveraged WeWeb to build Flexibl and go from idea to live app in one month.
Flexibl is a financial analytics platform designed specifically for SaaS companies, focused on optimizing transaction revenue. It offers a unified dashboard that merges payment and software transaction data to generate key business and monetization insights. With features for smart reconciliation and financial planning, Flexibl ensures data accuracy while eliminating redundancies. The platform stands as a specialist in the verticals of payments, data, and SaaS, fostering transparency and data literacy.
WeWeb, Xano, Stripe
Use case
Payment Analytics SaaS

Self-taught in product management and with a limited coding experience gained from bootcamps, Tanguy embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. Working with payment systems in his previous role, he identified a glaring inefficiency: the messy state of payment data reconciliation and analysis. Recognizing this as an opportunity, Tanguy was compelled to develop a solution. Aware that early-stage startups thrive on speed-to-market, he opted for no-code platforms like WeWeb and Xano to rapidly bring his vision to fruition.

The Challenge

Tanguy conceptualized Flexibl as an all-encompassing tool, designed to fulfill four key objectives: offer an intuitive yet comprehensive dashboard for payment data analysis, reconcile diverse data streams from platforms like Stripe, manage currency conversions, and display actionable performance metrics. He had two challenges: how to elegantly present a wealth of data on a user-friendly dashboard, and how to enable users to interact with this data using dynamic graphs.

Choosing WeWeb

When Tanguy first signed up and started testing WeWeb, he was immediately taken by its blend of simplicity and versatility in design. Despite its accessible learning curve, more accessible than the Ruby and React programming languages Tanguy had attempted to learn in the past, the platform appeared to have no limitations, particularly for someone like Tanguy who was already proficient in Figma and had a discerning eye for user experience. Most crucially, WeWeb's chart plugin, built on the popular ChartJS library, enabled him to showcase intricate graphs while handling large datasets. This, coupled with WeWeb's native plugin for Xano backend connectivity and user authentication, provided an invaluable edge.

WeWeb is exceptional because it allows comprehensive design customization. Plus, the platform feels limitless, being built on open-source JS libraries that are effortlessly customizable.

Tanguy Damois, Founder of Flexibl.

What he built

Flexibl emerged as a robust SaaS platform designed to facilitate other SaaS companies in consolidating and interpreting their payment data on a unified dashboard. With seamless integrations with Stripe and other payment providers, Flexibl empowers CEOs and CFOs with real-time insights into their financial metrics, streamlining decision-making processes.

The Results

Utilizing WeWeb for front-end development enabled Tanguy to focus intently on early user acquisition, idea validation, and potential pivoting strategies. This no-code approach negated the need for additional developer expenses, giving him the agility he required. Operating under a lean, bootstrapped model and buoyed by the success of the MVP, Flexibl has already converted two of its original six beta-testers into paying customers. Though still in its beta phase, Tanguy is optimistic about scaling his business further on the WeWeb platform.