🚀 UX improvements in May

Disable actions in a workflow

You can now disable an action in a Workflow:

This can be very helpful when you're testing out things. 

Better conditional formulas

Optional chaining is now activated by default when you write a no-code formula.

What does this mean?


Sometimes, conditional formulas like if statements didn't behave as you expected.


Your conditional formulas will work more intuitively because we include optional chaining for you by default.


Let's say we had a list of two objects where one object (Alice) has a property (e.g. a cat) that the other doesn't have:

List of objects in WeWeb

On our page, we would want to display the list of people with the name of their cat or a placeholder text to say something like "This person doesn't have a cat" when applicable:

Our first thought would be to write a no-code formula that looks like this:

This works now because we've added optional chaining by default. 

In the past, however, the formula would have returned an error in the `Current value` and would have not displayed the placeholder text on the page because the `cat` property did not exist for Leila:

In the screenshot above, you can see that:

  1. we converted our no-code formula into Javascript
  2. we removed the `?.` between ['cat'] and ['name'], thus removing optional chaining
  3. as a result, the formula returns an error because the cat name property doesn't exist for Leila, and
  4. because of that error, the placeholder text is not displayed on the page

Note that we chose to do enable optional chaining by default because, in most cases, that's the behavior you'll want.

However, if you want to remove optional chaining, you still can. Simply convert your no-code formula to Javascript and remove the `?.` you don't want.

Loader on page change

When a user navigates from one page of your app to another, you can now show them a subtle loader to let them know their click triggered a page change:

Loader on page change

It will look something like this:

Loader on page change in action

Currently you can only have this option in no-code but we’re working on other options 🙂

Paginator event

When using the Paginator element in a Workflow with a trigger OnChange, you can now access information about the context of the Paginator:

Paginator On Change event

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