🧩 New data source: SmartSuite

You can now build a WeWeb frontend on top of a SmartSuite database.

Easy setup

As with other data source plugins, there will be 2 setup steps:

  1. Adding the plugin to your WeWeb project using your SmartSuite API key
  2. Creating a collection to fetch data from a table in your SmartSuite database

Learn more about reading, modifying, and deleting SmartSuite data in WeWeb in our dedicated user documentation article.

Pro tip: SmartSuite's API is still in alpha. If you encounter difficulties interacting with SmartSuite data in your WeWeb project, please refer to SmartSuite's API documentation to learn more about what you can and can't do with their API.

WeWeb + SmartSuite Live Demo

In order to give you a nice introduction to this stack, Q from WeWeb and Avi from SmartSuite did a live demo of a CRM built with both tools. 

Here's the replay:

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