Pricing update - April 2023

Today we are happy to announce an important update to our pricing.

Following feedback received from the community, we developed a more granular pricing, which will let you adjust the number of projects, app editors and level of support to your needs.

This has allowed us to create more affordable pricing plans for smaller teams and projects.

Here is a summary of the main changes:

1- We’ve split our pricing into two categories: Projects and Workspace. For each project you will be able to decide whether you need a starter or a scale plan. You will be able to adjust the number of application editors and the level of support you need for your workspace.

2- For projects, we created a new entry-level plan at $39/month which is 40% cheaper than our previous starter plan.

3- The difference in price between the starter and the scale plan is 25% lower which makes it easier for you to scale when you are ready.

4- For workspaces, the price of the seats will depend on the size of your team and the level of support needed.

5- We created the possibility to add paid plugins, laying-out the foundation for our future marketplace, which will let anyone build plugins and templates they can share with the community against a revenue to cover development costs & maintenance.

6- We kept the price of our agency plan unchanged and included additional perks.

Here is what the new plans will look like:

lemme see

Finally, as requested by many users, code export will be made available for every annual plan and no longer restricted to our enterprise plans.

Users will be able to export their Vue.js code, compiled or uncompiled, as many times as needed, as long as they have one of our yearly subscriptions.

What’s going to happen for existing plans?

We will grandfather your existing plans:

  • We will transform every existing paid plan into an “early adopter plan,”
  • You will have the option to migrate to a new plan if you find it more affordable for your use case. Reach out, and we will make the switch for you.
  • If you want to keep your early adopter plan because it is more beneficial, you can keep it as is.
  • If you create & publish new projects after the price change, the new pricings will apply to these projects.

This new pricing will be effective as of April 18th at 7am Eastern Time.

The philosophy behind this update is to give more flexibility and freedom to our users. Flexibility to adjust the price depending on what they really need, and freedom to access their code.

We hope you like it! As always, feel free to reach out to us directly should you have any questions or feedback 🙂

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