New Add Panel βž• & Safe Mode 🦺

Hey there πŸ‘‹

Now available in WeWeb:

  • New Add Panel with better user experience
  • New Safe Mode to debug your apps easily
  • Lots of bug fixes

Want to know more?

New Add Panel βž•

We've revamped the Add panel to help you find what you need faster.

Elements are now sorted according to their use-case.


What's also useful is that these new elements come with presets, helping you to create a page's layout in no time!

Drag a sidebar, a container and a collection list and get this kind of page in under 2 minutes πŸ‘‡

And that's only the beginning. More to come in the coming weeks, like a global search that will help you search the whole panel at once and... re-usable components πŸ˜‰

New Safe Mode 🦺

You can now open your WeWeb projects in Safe Mode. You can choose to disable all the Workflows and/or Formulas of your app in the Editor:

Β This is helpful if something is not working as expected in your app and you need to debug it.

Bug fixes πŸͺ²

Finally, the team spent some time fixing bugs.

  • Fixed Airtable actions for Date fields including time and Multiple Collaborators fields
  • Fixed some collections loading on page change when they should not
  • Fixed OR filter with a condition
  • Fixed connection to SQL databases
  • Fixed saving elements to a design system
  • Fixed 404 redirections
  • Fixed a bug where a lot of collections would load on page change even if they are not in the page
  • Fixed unable to drag & drop in the navigator in some cases
  • Fixed cached collections pagination


We hope you'll love these updates πŸ™‚

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