📍 Mapbox improvements

With the help of user feedback in the community, we made a number of improvements to the Mapbox plugin.

First, we added a number of design customization options to the native popup from Mapbox:

Mapbox' default popup

If you need even more design freedom, you can now use the x/y position in the `domEvent` property to choose where the modal is displayed relative to a marker:

domEvent property for Mapbox

You can access this property when using the following workflow triggers: 

  • On marker click,
  • On mouse enter,
  • On mouse leave.

We also added a new center component variable so you can get the center when you need it:

Mapbox center component variable

Finally, we added two new triggers (On map drag start / On map drag end) so you can react when your user is dragging the map to move inside:

Mapbox workflow triggers

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