🚀 Feature improvements in June

Multi-select on steroids

You can now build complex, fully customized multi-select inputs in no-code:

Custom multi-select built in WeWeb

In order to do this, you'll need to select the "Free layout" option in the element's settings:

With the "Free layout" option enabled, you'll be able to add and edit the elements of your choice in the navigator. In the example below, for each option, we have an image and a container that includes a text element for the name of the character and another container with two text elements for the species and gender of the character:

Multi-select free layout example

Focus state

All inputs and buttons now react to the `focus` state. You still need to add the state manually (and make sure it's `focus`, not `Focus`) but you don't need to define any condition. 

In the example below, we added a `focus` state on the input (with a different border style) and button (with a different background color). You can see that when the user clicks on or navigates between elements, the focus state is triggered:

Focus state on input and button

In addition, when you add a workflow on an input or button, you can now have more trigger options:

Input and button workflow triggers

Loaders on page change

A few weeks, we added the possibility to display a loader when using the "Link" setting on an element. 

Now, you can also display a loader when using the "Change page" action in a workflow or, if you want more control over when and how the loader appears, you can use the dedicated "Page loader" action in a workflow.

In the example below, we decided to display the loader for 3 seconds before changing page:

Page loader action in a workflow

This can be useful when you have a workflow that you know will take time in the background.

By the way, you could also use this "Page loader" action without changing page.

In the example below, we have a workflow on click that displays a loader, then fetches a collection, and hides the loader once the collection has been fetched:

Decide to show or hide page loader after collection fetc

Dynamic RSS Feed URL

You can now make the URL of a RSS Feed collection dynamic. 

In the example below, we are fetching a specific item in the RSS feed:

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