🚀 UX & feature improvements in July

The team released a number of UX and feature improvements in July, including but not limited to:

  • new options in the Calendar element, including the option to add custom languages
  • the input and button elements now come with a `focus` state by default
  • you can now configure test values in the parameters of your global formulas
  • there's a new workflow action so users can copy text from your web-app to their clipboard

Copy to clipboard action

Allow users to copy text from your web-app to their clipboard so they can paste it elsewhere.

In the example below, when a user clicks on the element, the value "This is my new value" will be copied to their clipboard:

Copy to clipboard action

As a result, they will be able to paste that value after clicking on the element.

Of course, you can bind the value of this action to a variable to make it dynamic.

In the example below, we bound the value of the action to an input variable:

Copy to clipboard action with variable

Focus states

Input and button elements now come with a native `focus` state:

Native focus state on button and input elements

When enabled, this focus state will be triggered by default when a user interacts with the element.

However, you can also trigger that state through another element with a no-code workflow.

For example, you could trigger the focus state of an input when a user clicks on a button:

Test values for parameters in global formulas

You can now add test your global formulas with test values in the parameters.

In the example below, we are testing our formula to format numbers with the number 12000 and can see the result is 12,000 as expected:

Test values in global formulas

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