🎨 Closer integration with native CSS

We improved the way we integrate with native CSS inside the WeWeb Editor. 

This will help us provide you with an "Import HTML" feature in the near future...

Import HTML in action

So what updates did we make?

1- We added the no-code equivalent of "display: block;" for all elements and "display: flex;" for the base section and form container to give you more control over the layout of these elements:

2- We reordered and renamed some styling options. For example, we moved "Display" at the top and we renamed the "Advanced" styling section into "Effects", where you'll find CSS properties such as opacity, transform, and position.

3- Paddings and margins can now be set in EM and REM

4- Font-style and text-decoration options have been added to texts, along with font-style for typography.

The goal of theses modifications is to be able to import more HTML / CSS code in the WeWeb Copilot "Import HTML" feature.

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