🪲 Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed on throughout the summer:

  • [ELEMENT] [INPUT] When you select the "Time" mode on an input, you can now decide if you want to display minutes, seconds, and milliseconds
  • [ELEMENT] [SELECT] Changing the language of the page now correctly changes the language of options defined in your select and multi-select elements
  • [PLUGIN] [TOKEN BASED AUTH] Allowed customization of refresh tokens
  • [ELEMENT] Removed 1px padding on <td> in the Data Grid element
  • [PLUGIN] [VIMEO] You can now manage private video urls
  • [ELEMENT] [MULTISELECT] Removed broken delete icon when free layout selected
  • [ELEMENT] Fixed copy paste of html in text element
  • [CUSTOM COMPONENTS] Visual bug on Item Labels in Custom Components
  • [PAGE] Allow removal of favicon and images in Open Graph metadata
  • [PLUGIN] [WEWEB AUTH] Fixed issue where user couldn't see the users in the user tab if there was one empty email
  • [ELEMENT] Fixed issue where hyperlink in text element removed underline style of text

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