🪲 Bug fixes in May

The following bugs were fixed:

  • [COPILOT] Resolved a JavaScript error with a.parameters.map is not a function.
  • [HEIGHT] Fixed the issue where the sizing parameter would disappear after binding the height.
  • [DATA EXPLORER] The query param is no longer showing in the section variable list.
  • [UPLOAD] Resolved the problem that prevented uploading an .mp4 file.
  • [ICONS] Icons no longer overwrite names of elements in the navigator.
  • [AIRTABLE] Prevented Airtable actions from overriding other actions.
  • [WORKFLOW] The paste action no longer disables the button to add a new action in the on-error workflow.
  • [VARIABLE IN URL] Fixed the issue where the value was not visible in the tab to bind.
  • [COLLECTION] Resolved the infinite reload problem in the editor.
  • [LOCAL STORAGE] Fixed an issue with Boolean variables in local storage
  • [CUSTOM CSS] Display issue with custom state has been fixed.
  • [PAGE DUPLICATION] Private access is now duplicated when duplicating a page.
  • [ROLES] Roles are now removed when the auth plugin is removed.
  • [READ ONLY] In the editor, inputs are now correctly toggled as editable or readonly.
  • [GLOBAL WORKFLOW] Fixed the save issue in the global workflow.
  • [GLOBAL WORKFLOW] Parameter values are now displayed correctly in the current value.
  • [DASHBOARD] Allow redirectUrl query to work when connecting with Google in the WeWeb support application.
  • [GOOGLE SHEET PLUGIN] Fixed an issue occurring after the column Z in the Google Sheet plugin.
  • [ELEMENT] The modal “backdrop click” trigger no longer fires unexpectedly
  • [ELEMENT] Resolved the issue with creating a new option in the Multiselect element.
  • [ELEMENT] Fixed the problem where changing the color of one word in the Text element was not working.
  • [ELEMENT] Resolved a time parameter error in the Chart.js element.
  • [ELEMENT] Added values in the “on change” event in workflow for the Paginator element.
  • [ELEMENT] Fixed the inability to add color to text in the Rich Text element.
  • [ELEMENT] Resolved the radio button issue when binding in the Radio Button element.
  • [ELEMENT] The default category color is now applied correctly in the Calendar element.

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