­č¬▓ Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed on June 6th:

  • [FORMULA] ifEmpty arrity
  • [COPILOT FORMULAS]┬áBind to result of previous action in workflow
  • [LANG]┬áText with links that disappeared between page languages
  • [STATES]┬áActive link state not working for page with parameter
  • [ELEMENT] [TEXT]┬áLink to email not working
  • [ELEMENT] [DATE┬áPICKER] Read only not working
  • [XANO AUTH] Impossible to have the user data in global workflows
  • [PAGES]┬áChanging user group associated to private page does not work
  • [SUPABASE AUTH] Supabase breaks if user is using supabase in 2 different editors
  • [WEWEB AUTH] All users deleted but can still login
  • [SUPABASE] Comparison operators not available for date type

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