ūü™≤ Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed on June 22nd:

  • [LOADER]¬†Change color of the loader on page change
  • [PWA]¬†Blurry PWA icon on iOS
  • [VARIABLES]¬†Clicking on save for a variable in local storage now update the local storage (and new action clear local storage)
  • [ELEMENT] [TEXT]¬†Line break in text element
  • [ELEMENT] [TEXT] Change color of a part of the text
  • [IMAGES]¬†Missing icon on first image button to change image name
  • [FOLDERS]¬†Not able to see all folders when creating a new collection, variable or formula
  • [PUBLISH] Commit message length blocking publish if too long. No limit now
  • [PAGES]¬†Page with parameter - Impossible to bind in change page if param is too long
  • [CUSTOM¬†CODE]¬†Code in custom CSS input disappears after changing element (though it is still applied and reappears after page refresh)
  • [STATES]¬†Keep hover state after being hidden / unhidden even if the element is no more hover
  • [COLLECTIONS]¬†Add < ; > ; <= ; >= operators for frontend filters of collections to allow filters on date strings
  • [FORMULAS]¬†Filter and sort not working in custom formula
  • [PLUGIN] [OPEN AI] Unable to use turbo-0301 model
  • [ELEMENT] [RADIO¬†INPUT]¬†Radio input bind to dynamic data
  • [ELEMENT] [¬†BUTTON]¬†Can't apply transition effects to button icons
  • [ELEMENT] [SLIDER]¬†Right arrow for navigation shows when no more slides to view
  • [ELEMENT] [INPUTS]¬†Input field collapses when init value is empty/null/undefined with advanced placeholder
  • [ELEMENT] [SELECT] Single select sends null instead of empty "" value on clear
  • [ELEMENT] [XANO] Collection payload request includes old Xano inputs
  • [ELEMENT] [NUMBER] Binding currency issue
  • [ELEMENT] [XANO AUTH] Changing Xano Auth token doesn't work without reloading the plugin/app
  • [ELEMENT] [MULTISELECT] Multi select input dropdown has random duplicates if init value is modified on changed
  • [ELEMENT] [MODAL] Custom position not working

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