🔥 New Kanban, Stripe, and multi-select options


  • [ELEMENT] [KANBAN] Be able to disable the draggable
  • [ELEMENT] [KANBAN] Add parameter to custom drag and drop
  • [DASHBOARD] [DOMAIN] Display help when CAA record is missing
  • [ELEMENT] [ACCORDION] Expose internal variable for the element
  • [PLUGIN] [STRIPE] Add a parameter to set the language of the checkout page
  • [ELEMENT] [RICH TEXT] Add parameters to select which buttons (bold, italic, etc.) you want to display
  • [ELEMENT ][MULTISELECT & SELECT] Add parameter to modify color of selected item, counter text, no result and no option text


  • [EDITOR] [PUBLISH] Added timeout for publish stuck in the editor
  • [PERFS] [PROD] Disabled logs in prod to improve performances
  • [ELEMENT][KANBAN] Allowed use of falsy value for stackedBy
  • [ELEMENT] [TABS] Horizontal alignment not working when placed left or right
  • [EDITOR] [FILTER] Fixed the filters 'Has the property" and “Has not the property” that were crashing the filter tab if there was null object
  • [ELEMENT] [RANGE] [UX / UI] Added missing row-gap between properties
  • [ELEMENT] [MULTISELECT] Column gap for element selected different between type text and free
  • [PLUGIN] [REST API] Fixed error that appeared when “proxy …” option was toggle on, and you bound and unbound Headers or Query string
  • [EDITOR] [UX / UI] Fixed placement of bind button in filter modal for certain filter
  • [PLUGIN] [CHARTS] Binding legend color to color from design system didn’t work
  • [PLUGIN] [SUPABASE] Fixed an error that happened in a specific use case when fetching collection from Supabase with pagination off

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