🎭 Masked input, click event on charts, Xano branches


  • [ELEMENT] New masked input in toolkit
  • [ELEMENT] [CHARTJS] Added click event to know on what data the user clicked on
  • [PLUGIN] [REST API] Added new Content-Type application/merge-patch+json
  • [ELEMENT] [RICH TEXT INPUT] Added component variable to know which parameter is on or off
  • [EDITOR] [WORKFLOW] Added binding option in upload file action

User docs will follow asap


  • [PLUGIN] [XANO] Endpoints now respect branches of the editor
  • [ELEMENT] [DATE PICKER] Multi calendar parameter was displayed in single mode
  • [ELEMENT] [INPUT] Advanced placeholder was hidden when the input was in read only
  • ELEMENT] [MULTISELECT] With a height auto, height was modified when read only was enabled
  • [ELEMENT] [SELECT] Overflow property was forced and displayed superfluous scroll bars
  • [PLUGIN] [XANO] WeWeb was sending parameters that aren’t being displayed on the UI
  • [DASHBOARD] Two simultaneous publications could make each other fail
  • [PLUGIN] [AIRTABLE] Couldn’t open “Filter fields to fetch”
  • [ELEMENT] [HTML] Code editor was not available in the HTML element
  • [EDITOR] [PUBLISH] After a publish, it’s still on the publish tab with title instead of staging and prod links

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