🗺️ Custom markers for maps, image size issue fixed, improved WeWeb Copilot


  • [ELEMENT] [MAPBOX] Change default marker style
  • [ELEMENT] [GOOGLE MAPS] Change default marker style
  • [COPILOT] Add links to videos & updated user docs links
  • [EDITOR UI] Change navigator icon, padding, color, etc.
  • [COLLECTIONS] Display warning if selected fields in collections no longer exists in database


  • [SELF-HOSTING] Update dependencies in weweb-server
  • [ELEMENT] [INPUT] Init value was not visible before click in production
  • [EDITOR] [LOGS] The scrollbar of the logs was not clickable and it was difficult to go to the bottom
  • [ELEMENT] [RICH TEXT] Display issue in tag edit parameters
  • [PROD] The background was not working with state in production in a certain case
  • [PAGE] [PARAM] A param with a default value with a hyphens was not working on reload in production
  • [PROD] [CLASSES] A variable bound only in a class was not detected and not rendered in production
  • [ELEMENT] [MULTISELECT] Fixed expected format notification of initial value
  • [EDITOR] [IMAGE] Images uploaded to WeWeb are bigger after the resize panel than before (in Mb)
  • [EDITOR] [UX/UI] The popup was not written well when you tried to add a list in a classic text element

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