🔖 New file management features and bug fixes



  • [ELEMENT] Code verification input was not working as intended
  • [EDITOR] [COLLECTIONS] [FILTERS] Visual bug – data binding screen not displayed properly
  • [DASHBOARD] Admins couldn't invite guests in a workspace
  • [EDITOR] Multi page sections didn't show titles of other page at first load
  • [ELEMENT] [DATEPICKER] Couldn't have range free mode + calendar only + partial range to OFF
  • [CUSTOM CODE] Removed "Async" parameter that was added automatically in script tag
  • [ELEMENT] [RICH TEXT] Pointer cursor was not working in read only
  • [ELEMENT] [RICH TEXT] Elem undef appeared on existing rich text element when "Custom menu" on
  • [ELEMENT] [RANGE INPUT] Circle of init value was not well-placed + slider of paremeters not displayed if negative value
  • [CODE EXPORT] .env.front.prod was missing when downloading raw project files
  • [EDITOR] Identical URL path was possible in a certain use case, creating issue of nav in prod

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