🚀 Dynamic pagination, Mapbox improvements, and lots of fixes


  • [DYNAMIC COLLECTIONS] Allow binding for pagination value
  • [MAPBOX] Expose map instance, mapboxgl library and new triggers


  • [STATIC COLLECTION PAGE] Impossible to use of same path for two different collection pages
  • [EDITOR] [UI] Folder for color in design system, display issue in dark mode
  • [EDITOR] Cannot remove collection from folder
  • [ELEMENT] [SELECT] [MULTISELECT] Workflow on clear button on select & multiselect does not work when clicked
  • [EDITOR] Shadow color set in rgb result in a weird visual bug
  • [DASHBOARD] Conflict between guest and members to totalize number of users
  • [PLUGIN] [REST API] Remove binding of body for static collection
  • [ELEMENT] [INPUT] Placeholder always visible with advanced placeholder
  • [ELEMENT] [DROPDOWN] Dropdown inside dropdown not working
  • [EDITOR] Background Image not displayed if special chars in the name of the image
  • [EDITOR] [UI] Bind color in Javascript, not same display if color in folder or not
  • [ELEMENT] [SELECT] Input text not vertically centered
  • [PERF PROD] CDN perfs are not great (files do not stay in cache)

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