🪲 Bug fixes

This week's release was focused on bug fixes:

  • [ELEMENT] [SECTION] Z-index not working in a certain case for sections
  • [ELEMENT] [CALENDAR] Option "Start on Sunday" doesn't work
  • [EDITOR] Change name of duplicate page with param delete the param
  • [DASHBOARD] Agency Plan - Unable to publish after ticking 'disable pre-rendering'
  • [ELEMENT] [UPLOAD] Can't see the content of object in the variable list when single upload
  • [EDITOR] [WORKFLOW] Error response doesn't show all info within a workflow
  • [EDITOR] Publish will fail if a static collection is used in a page but was never sync
  • [PROD] Avoid google warnings on anchor link
  • [ELEMENT] [SELECT] Initial value bind to 0 not working
  • [EDITOR] [WORKFLOW] Change page action with new path feature not working in the editor

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