Why choose WeWeb?

In a sea of code and no-code options, how do you know WeWeb is the right fit for you?

Whether you are building internal apps, customer portals, or MVPs, there are many great options out there

Developers and no-code tools like Bubble, Softr, Stacker, Retool, and Webflow all have a lot to offer. Just like WeWeb, they have many benefits and some limits.

We’re assuming you’re here because you’re not sure which option to choose to start your project or you’ve already tried a few and hit some of those limits.

With that in mind, we’ll do our best to explain when it might make sense to give us a try. And recommend other options that are better-suited to specific needs.

Why choose WeWeb

Follow coding best practices in a professional no-code environment.
You believe on the modular approach to web development
You need to build a UI on top of multiple data sources
You have limited time and resources to hire a team of developers
You have experience coding or no-coding, and understand how APIs work
You want to build a project that follows the best practices of web development
You understand the security risk of building a UI on top of an Airtable user base
You need to build a UI on top of multiple data sources
You need to be able to import your own Vue.js components to resolve specific requirements
You understand that the cost of maintaining code is higher than the cost of building
You might need to change your backend down the line if your app scales. (from Airtable to Xano or Supabase for example)
You need to build a UI with custom design on top of an existing stack (e.g. token-based authentication + SQL or Postgre database)
You want the skills your team learns in WeWeb to be transferable to other no-code tools.

When to choose another solution

WeWeb is not the right fit for everyone. Let's look at use cases where we feel other no-code tools are a better fit.
You need to build a showcase website or landing pages with no external data source
Webflow or Wix
You need to build a native mobile app
Draftbit or Flutterflow
You need to build a web app on your own but are completely new to code and no-code
Airtable + Softr or Stacker
You want to build a web app in a couple of hours with little custom design
Airtable + Softr or Stacker
You need to build a web app with the data, UI-builder, and logic in the same tool
You want to hire from a large community of freelancers to build a monolithic web app for you
You need to build an SEO-first marketplace
You need to structure a relational database but don't have authentication or hosting requirements
You need to structure a relational database that scales with transparent API rate limits
Xano or Supabase
You need to build a scalable backend with secure authentication and background tasks
Xano or Supabase

What our customers say

I’ve been incredibly impressed by the platform’s power, versatillity, and intuitiveness. I think I’ve tried just about every no/low-code app builder out there, and WeWeb was the one I had been looking for.

Photo of Kyan Lynch
Kyan Lynch
CEO at ALOE Digital Solutions

Bubble offers more features but WeWeb’s philosophy (only the front-end) is a good / the best option in my opinion. The end result is cleaner, faster, closer to code.

Photo of Patrice Cassard
Patrice Cassard
2x founder with 7 figure exits

As a no-code agency, we chose WeWeb for the frontend part for our clients because the Editor is simple enough to enable our clients to maintain the product by themselves, and flexible enough that we can add custom CSS or Vue.js components if we need to.

Photo of Frédérique Marianne
Frédéric Marianne
Co-founder & CTO at Gaspach.io

The no-code lookup function is pure art! I never thought I would ever say this but the changelog newsletter is a bit like Santa sending me back the wishlist I sent him but with crossed out items.

Photo of Maxence Pautre
Maxence Pautre
Freelance no-code project manager

I never thought that I could build something like this. I was always worried about security, and database design, and API calls… all of that stuff seemed super complex to me. WeWeb has given me the ability to build something in a visual format that naturally feels very good to me.

Mike Coulbourn
CEO at SkipMatrix

@weweb_io guys! You're killing it, building apps with Weweb feels like a great experience.

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