🧩 Airtable personal access tokens

Airtable replaced API keys with Personal Access Tokens.

This is great news because Personal Access Tokens give you a lot more control over who has access to what in your Airtable workspace. 

Before, you had an API key that gave people all the rights to all the bases in your Airtable workspace. Now, you can create multiple Personal Access Tokens with limited reading or editing rights.

WeWeb's Airtable data source plugin now supports the latest personal access token method to develop apps with Airtable.

Create a Personal Access Token in Airtable

Make sure to set it up with the access to the base you want to use in WeWeb, and the proper scopes:

  • data.records:read so that your app can read data from Airtable
  • data.records:write so that your app can write data to Airtable
  • schema.bases:read so that your app can read the schema of your Airtable base and know which types to use in workflows' actions

Airtable scopes

Updating deprecated keys

To update the Airtable plugin in WeWeb, all you need to do is:

No other action is required. All your collections and your app should work as usual provided you added the proper scopes when creating the token as described above.

We recommend that you create Personal Access Tokens and update them in your WeWeb projects as soon as possible because Airtable have announced that old API keys will stop working by the end of January 2024:


This means that WeWeb projects that still use an old Airtable API key to enable the plugin will no longer work as expected if you don't replace the API key with a Personal Access Token by the end of January 2024.

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