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New text editor and new features !

This update brings responsive to your texts, and more.


14 Oct. 2019

New text editor

The new text editor comes with a new text bar, and new options :

It is now possible to :

  1. Add bullet points or numbered lists (like this one)
  2. Set lines height
  3. Set letters spacing
  4. Add horizontal lines 
  5. Set text's background color

Links in text

Links are now more complete in texts :

You can add links in texts that points to :

  • External pages
  • Pages in your website
  • Sections in current page
  • Enables to download files

Responsive text sizes

Text sizes are now independant for all sizes of screens :

You can add your own text sizes and ajust them for any type of screen.

This is very useful if you have a very big text on desktop and you want it to be smaller on phones.

Note that text sizes are now in Pixels.

To access text sizes, you can either :

  • Open the text bar and clic the "+" under the text sizes [[wwObject=0]]
  • Go to Settings Assets Text sizes

We have set some sizes by default (Very small, Small, Normal, Big, Very big, Huge) but you can add your own and edit the default settings.

Text styles

Text styles are useful if you have the same style in multiple sections or pages :

You can add your own text styles.

To access text styles, you can either :

  • Open the text bar and clic the "+" under the text styles [[wwObject=0]]
  • Go to Settings Assets Text styles

You can also select a text and clic the "+" under the text styles [[wwObject=1]] to create a new style directly from the text !

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