WeWeb Features

Here is a list of available features in WeWeb. If you are curious about what we are working on, feel free to contact us at contact@weweb.io


  • Drag & drop editor
    Visual editor
    WeWeb drag & drop editor gives you the power to build high-quality websites without any coding skills.
  • Library of element
    Customizable pre-built elements
    WeWeb provides a library of pre-built elements & sections that you can add to your websites and customize. All these elements are open-source and free of rights!
  • Full SEO controls
    In-page edition Meta, Hn, Slugs ...
    You can manage your pages metadata, H tags or Alt tags directly from WeWeb's interfaces.
  • Styling
    Colors, text, size, title styles
    WeWeb provides visual interfaces to manage your elements' styling (CSS): size, radius, borders, colors, etc.
  • Import image
    No need to crop or resize
    When you upload images in WeWeb you don't have to resize them or crop them. WeWeb does that automatically for you so your images are always optimized and load fast on your website.
  • Responsive
    Flexbox, grids, breakpoints ...
    WeWeb pre-built elements are responsive by default. They will always look great on every screens. You can manage your custom elements' responsive attributes visually in WeWeb.
  • Animations
    Use presets & customize
    With WeWeb you can easily add animations to any elements of your website. Selection the element, choose an animation type and customize it visually.
  • Languages
    Multilingual, automatic translation
    WeWeb lets you manage multiple languages and optimizes your site for each language. Plus, Google Translate is integrated in the editor so you can easily translate any page.

Manage content

  • Data management
    Use data from anywhere in your sites
    You can connect any data source to WeWeb and then call the data directly in your website using the visual editor.
  • CMS Plugins
    GoogleSheet, Airtable, Contentful, Shopify, WordPress, etc.
    Connect your ecosystem of data in one-click using our library of plugins. Build your own plugin to connect a custom back-end.
  • Analytics
    Quickly get learnings
    WeWeb has an integrated analytics system that helps you visualize where your visitors clicked, how long they spent on each section and where they were coming from!


  • One-click deploy
    Deploy your website on a CDN easily.
    WeWeb one-click publish button lets you deploy your website on AWS CloudFront super fast CDN so your sites are blazing fast.
  • Domain name
    Use your own DNS
    Connect any domain name to your website.
  • Jamstack performance
    Pre-rendering static files
    WeWeb works on a modern decoupled architecture. Your website's files are being built, pre-rendered and deployed on a CDN automatically so you can get high performances out-of-the-box.
  • Redirection
    Manage redirections in the editor.
    WeWeb offers an integrated redirection management system so you can create redirections easily. Plus, you can have logs so you can track 404.
  • PWA
    Add your websites on your phone
    Every website generated with WeWeb is a Progressive Web App.
  • Versioning
    Roll back when needed
    When publishing, WeWeb saves a version of the site automatically. You can rollback to that version at any point in time.


  • Design system
    Assets and graphic guidelines
    WeWeb lets you manage your colors, fonts, font sizes and icones at an organization level. Once saved in your organization you can reuse your design system in any website.
  • Organization
    Invite team member & manage roles
    You can create organizations and invite people so they can collaborate on your websites. From the organization you can give access to websites, components and to the design system.

Enterprise features

  • SSO
    Make private websites
    WeWeb websites can be put behind a SSO so enterprises can manage accesses with high security standards.
  • Self hosting
    Host in your infrastructure
    You can customize the publisher in WeWeb and directly send your websites' files in your own infrastructure when the users click on the publish button.
  • Support
    Reach out to us anytime
    We provide hands-on support to make sure your team delivers outstanding websites on-time and easily.
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