Build professional frontends, faster

Deliver best-in-class web apps to your clients, using the backend of their choice
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Build faster, without compromising on the quality of code

Publish a standard Single Page Application – at the fraction of the cost – with our visual builder and no-code workflows.
Connect multiple data sources and choose your preferred authentication system
Illustration showcasing the different data sources you can connect to in WeWeb
Illustration showcasing the ability to drag and drop elements in the WeWeb editor
Drag and drop ready-made elements you can fully customize
Add business logic that reacts to user interactions with no-code workflows
Illustration showcasing the ability to create logic and workflows in WeWeb
Illustration showcasing the ability to add microservices like maps or payments systems in the WeWeb editor
Connect other tools like Google Maps, Segment, Stripe, and Algolia

Worried no-code design won’t answer all your needs?

No problem. Add custom code to your project or import your own Vue.js components in WeWeb.
Illustration showcasing the ability to import Vue.js components in the WeWeb editor

Build secure apps that scale

Follow coding best practices in a professional no-code environment
Add best-in-class authentication with user roles & permissions
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Illustration showing variables in WeWeb
Don't repeat yourself. Write global workflows, functions, and variables
Optimize for performance with full control on when data is loaded
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Example of a CRM built in WeWeb

Publish a standard Vue.js app. End users will have no idea it was built with no-code

You’ll be autonomous, but
never alone

WeWeb’s agency plan is designed to help you build successful relationships with your clients
Do you offer an agency plan?
Yes, we do. That said, the agency plan is available on a case to case basis. It’s important for us to speak to each and every one of our agency partners to learn more about their experience and the types of projects they want to work on. This allows us to put them in relation with the best-fit clients down the line. If you are interested in becoming a WeWeb agency partner, please book a call with someone on our team.
What is included in the agency plan?
The agency plan includes priority support. You get direct access to the WeWeb team through a dedicated Slack channel, including direct access to the CPO who will pay particular attention to the product feedback you give him. We also provide technical review of client’s briefs, and hands-on training and support for the first project. If you need us to participate in a client meeting, that may be arranged as well.
How quickly can my team be autonomous on WeWeb?
WeWeb follows the same logic as web development so there is nothing proprietary to learn. While the UI may take a few days getting used to, developers and experienced no-coders quickly grasp how to play around with our no-code HTML elements, CSS properties, and Workflows. Adding data Collections, Variables and Formulas is also fairly intuitive for them. When in doubt, our user documentation, video academy, and online community is usually very reactive and helpful.
How quickly can I build a production-ready UI in WeWeb?
It depends on your background and experience but we’ve found that developers and experienced no-coders take 5-10 days to build an MVP and 3-4 months on average to build a project from start to finish. That includes the time needed to structure the backend, which is independent of WeWeb. Users with clear specs upfront who only need to build the UI of an existing backend are much faster.
What does WeWeb have that other tools don’t?
There are many incredible no-code web app builders out there. We’ve found that users who love us the most have some experience with these tools. They usually choose us when they’ve hit the limits of app functionalities or CMS record limits in Webflow, found their Bubble app wasn’t as fast as they wanted with an external database, or needed more design flexibility than they found with Stacker or Softr.
What can I build with WeWeb?
You can build user interfaces in WeWeb, and connect those interfaces to external data sources and authentication systems. Our customers have used WeWeb to build the UIs of internal data reporting tools, dashboards, marketplaces, MVPs to test out a business idea and full-fledged SaaS products.
Is there a limit to end users who can use WeWeb apps?
No there isn’t, not on our side anyway. As long as end-users don’t hit the API rate limits of your database – if there are any – you’ll be good to go.
Can my client self-host their WeWeb apps?
Regular WeWeb apps are currently deployed on AWS. Enterprise WeWeb apps have the option to self-host. This option will soon be productized. In the meantime, it is considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to learn more.
Does my client’s data go through WeWeb servers?
WeWeb lets users keep complete control of their data, where it is hosted and how users access it. When using data source plugins in dynamic mode, the data never goes through our servers, except if you explicitly choose to make a server-side request or in the case of the Airtable plugin. This is because of the way Airtable handles API keys and manages authorizations.
Does WeWeb support secure user authentication?
WeWeb offers a number of best-in-class authentication solutions with advanced user roles & permissions. First, if you need to connect your client's own token-based authentication system, you can. Otherwise, you may use WeWeb's native authentication system – powered by Amazon Cognito – or use one of our native integrations with Auth0, Xano Auth, or Supabase Auth.
Do I need to structure my client data in a specific way to display it in WeWeb?
No, not at all. One of the main benefits of WeWeb is that clients don’t have to rethink the architecture of their backend. You can connect multiple data sources in one project and get data from any REST, GraphQL, or SOAP API.
What if WeWeb goes out of business?
First, rest assured that the company’s finances are healthy, we are growing fast and don’t plan to shut down any time soon. We are hiring at a steady rate despite the current context. That said, if we were to shut down, you would still be able to get the code of your projects and continue to run them on your infrastructure. The risk is therefore limited to the usage of the editor (the no-code builder).

What our customers say

I never thought that I could build something like this. I was always worried about security, and database design, and API calls… all of that stuff seemed super complex to me. WeWeb has given me the ability to build something in a visual format that naturally feels very good to me.

Photo of Kevin Wasie
Kevin Wasie
Business owner at Exactly

As a no-code agency, we chose WeWeb for the frontend part for our clients because the Editor is simple enough to enable our clients to maintain the product by themselves, and flexible enough that we can add custom CSS or Vue.js components if we need to.

Photo of Frédérique Marianne
Frédéric Marianne
Co-founder & CTO at

Bubble offers more features but WeWeb’s philosophy (only the front-end) is a good / the best option in my opinion. The end result is cleaner, faster, closer to code.

Photo of Patrice Cassard
Patrice Cassard
2x founder with 7 figure exits

I’ve been incredibly impressed by the platform’s power, versatillity, and intuitiveness. I think I’ve tried just about every no/low-code app builder out there, and WeWeb was the one I had been looking for.

Photo of Kyan Lynch
Kyan Lynch
CEO at ALOE Digital Solutions

The no-code lookup function is pure art! I never thought I would ever say this but the changelog newsletter is a bit like Santa sending me back the wishlist I sent him but with crossed out items.

Photo of Maxence Pautre
Maxence Pautre
Freelance no-code project manager

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