Create websites powered by any data source.

Use a no-code editor to easily create websites with data from

Airtable, Google Sheets, Headless CMSes, or any database.

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Ship high-quality websites with your data.

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Simple, one-click integrations for your data

Use any data source as your content management system: be it Airtable, Google Sheets, your favorite CMS or even your database. It just works.

A simple, yet powerful visual editor

The no-code editor is designed for those of you who want to build easily, fast and without limitations.

Built for marketers, friendly to developers

Developers can seamlessly import their React or Vue.js components in from GitHub repositories.

Built-in premium features


Update your content in real-time, from your data source.

Custom contact forms

Build custom forms with a wide range of ready-to-use inputs. Send the content via email, Zapier or to your API.

Multilingual support

Translate your pages, they will be automatically indexed on search engines following best practices in multilingual SEO.

Design system

Save instances of a block or an element in your library, reuse it on any pages or websites.

Blazing fast page speed

Deploy optimized static files on a CDN in one single click. is based on the Jamstack, your sites will be fast!

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